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Social insurance declaration service

The work of GMS: • Advice on insurance related procedures - Consulting on insurance procedures and legal documents - Advice on the most appropriate insurance premiums with the needs of the business and according to current law. • Make salary scale / labor report / make initial social insurance - Prepare profile (contract / payroll / declaration ...) - Direct transactions with insurance agencies • Track the monthly social insurance payment - Make the increase, decrease, close the insurance book. - Issuance and extension of insurance cards. - Procedures for sickness and maternity benefits. - Comparing and announcing the monthly premium ... Jobs related to social insurance declaration: - Register for a new entrant to Insurance. - Report increased, reported labor reduction for units. - Re-issue of social insurance book. - Get social insurance 1 time. - Procedures for enjoying unemployment insurance. - Maternity benefits. - Register for employees with more than 1 notebook. - Retrospective collection of social insurance. - Procedures for relocation of insurance registration ...